Algeria*Whole factory project for Low voltage cable


LINT TOP start to discuss the whole factory project with SARL GROUP RIADH EL FETH to produce low voltage(lower than 1kv cable) from beginning of year 2018. Mr. Berarma sent email to us to explain their requirement one by one. See following some of their requirement for each machine line:

Low Voltage Power Cables

The bow cabler adopts 1+5 structure and suitable for copper, aluminium and aluminium alloy insulated conductors which are from 5mm to 30mm. And the rigid strander adopts 1+6+12+18 structure and suitable for wire from 1.5mm to 3.55mm. Grease applicators are set in per layer and every cage has pre-forming head and automatic side loading trolley for working efficiency.

Beside the two machine line they required, they also need the others machine line in below:
16 wires fine drawing machine
Z17 intermediate wire drawing machine
Aluminum alloy rod breakdown machine with independent motor
1600/1+5 bow strander
1+6+12+18 61 wires rigid strander
120+120+65 extrusion line
800 Rewinding line
Trolley type electrical heating aging treatment furnace
Different type and size bobbin

Low Voltage Power Cables2

We finished preparing all these technical offer within 30 days, and then we discuss all details in the offer. Including technical problems, engineer commissioning charge and time, delivery time etc. At last, Mr. Berarma and his other two colleague come to China and stayed in China for one week to visit our factory and users, they say our machine works in good condition. In the Jan, 2019, Mr. Berarma invited LINT TOP members to Algeria to have a further discussion for the project.

Low Voltage Power Cables3

There are other 3 competitors participated in this project, LINT TOP win at last, they say our machine quality machine is good especially out service-attitude. Finally, Mr. Berarma sent us purchase order on 15th, Feb, 2019.

Now, all machines have been arrived into our customer’s factory, but the commissioning was delayed due to the COVID-19. We will follow up and try to supply good service to our customers.