Order from Regular Customer in Algeria

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In March 2022, we received a new order of 500KVA 3 PHASES VOLTAGE REGULATOR from an old customer in Algeria.

The customer has cooperated with us for more than 8 years, and we have maintained a continuous and friendly cooperation.

This time the testing equipment is used in their transformer factory.

The followings are the technical features of the equipment purchased this time:
1.1, Adopt touch screen for operation, simple to use
1.2, High frequency SPWM hardware adjustment technology, quick response, stable output.
1.3, 7 inch LCD display
1.4, Large power IGBT driving, reliable running, high overload capacity (Instant 300%)
1.5, Used for resistance, inductive, rectification type load.
1.6, Protection function: overheat, over current, short circuit, over voltage of output, under voltage of output, phase loss of output etc,
1.7, Protection of abnormal power supply, convenient for user to look for fault reason.
1.8, Communication port RS-232/RS-485/USB

We not only provide wire and cable manufacturing equipment but also provide many other testing equipment for customers' cable factories, such as drawing machine, stranding machine, coiling machine, impact equipment, withstand voltage testing equipment, CABLE FAULT LOCATOR, and many other laboratory testing equipment, such as high temperature aging box, etc.

The customer is very satisfied with the quality and testing accuracy of our testing equipment.

We have close to 20 customers in the cable industry in Algeria who have always highly appreciated the quality of our equipment.

If your also need the cable equipment, you are welcome to contact with us for free.